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The easy Loire à vélo


Easy itineraries for families : 

The Loire à vélo is an easy cycling track. It is flat, well indicated and safe.

Be ready to cycle between 30 and 40 km.

Choose your itinerary right here :

What to do and see on the way ?

Castle or relaxing ?

On the way, you can choose beween discovering the many sightseeing attractions of the Pays d'Ancenis such as Oudon's medieval Castle, the museum of Louis de Funès, the Folies Siffait...

Or just admire the La Loire.

Where to eat ?

Ready for a picnic ont the sandbanks 

The sandbanks of the Loire are perfect places to have a picnic.

Our tip : prepare your picnic with nice local products.

Where to sleep ?

Feel like sleeping under the stars ?

The label "accueil vélo" has been especially set up for cyclists. So whenever you see the sign, do not hesitate to enter. You will be warmly received ! 

Where to rent a bike ?

Check out our good addresses for bike rentals.

If you ride with children, they will also offer child trailers or children bicycles.

Another option : The electric bike for those who want to go as fast as great athletes of the tandem for lovers !

Bonus : A Loire wine-tasting

Meet the winemakers and taste the Coteaux d'Ancenis wines. You prefer white, pink or red wine ? No problem, here, we have the whole range of wines.

The kit of the perfect small vacationer of the banks of Loire