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Loire Valley wines tasting and wineyards discovering

Indulge yourself with the Coteaux d'Ancenis

Today, we go to discover the wines of the Val de Loire !

The sun shines, the birds sing, a perfect day to enjoy a Coteaux d'Ancenis !


You know nothing about this field ? No matters, Bernard Landron, the winemaker tells you everything !

To sum up

Tarif ?
Your smile

Where ?

With whom ?



" Are we going ? Aren't we going ? ... Come on, let's go ! "



  • To be in the middle of the vineyards
  • The freshness of wines
  • Bernard's encounter and smile

How to make wine ?

It doesn't take much more from Bernard to tell you about his beloved vineyard, his story, and his father who told him : "make the wines you want but always work the finesse. People always like the finesse."


" Grape variety ", " sulphite", " pressing " kesako ?

Bernard explains all the essential aspects of the various wine-making techniques, up to the production of organic wines.

It will impress your friends at the next aperitif.

Important moment of this encounter, the tasting !



You will finally be able to discover this wine that Bernard has told you so much about. You are not an expert in this area ? No problem, let yourself be guided and remember :

"You are always right when you talk about a tasting because it's personal, it's a feeling."

1, 2, 3 Taste!

Tasting is simple :

  1. First, you look at the color of the wine
  2. You smell your drink once,
  3. You shake it to bring out the aromas brefor smelling it a second time

Trick : Copy Bernard !

Test him, adopt him

(The wine of course !)

You will surely taste the Malvoisie, the little star of the area, a white wine both fresh and slightly sweet, we love it !

The other starlet of the pays d’Ancenis is the Gamay, the red one is light, with small  notes of red fruits. In short, we love it too !

" Barcebue at home tonight ?"

The encounter is coming to an end, but the evening is just beginning. Why don't you invite some friends around our favorite wine and finish up this day nicely ?

Chose your bottle, the necessary trimmings and... No, finally don't choose, take both ! The white Malvoisie for the aperitif and the gamay for the grills !

I promise, it'll be a treat !

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