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Hot-air balloon and maiden flight around the Loire Valley

Above the Loire river with Julien

Have you always dreamt of flying aboard a balloon ?

And if you decide to turn the corner. A balloon flight is a unique opportunity to discover differently the Loire Valley.

You'll love it, I promise !

  • Breathtaking views
  • Calm and silence in altitude
  • The professionalism of the pilot
  • The Loire Valley from the sky

Welcome to the magical world of a Hot air balloon

6:30 AM -  Go to the take-off site

Julien and Zahi are waiting for you at the take-off in Oudon, near a stretch of water. The whole team is here to reassure you and to allay your last fears. Julien will be our pilot and Zahi will "pick up" the passengers on arrival. Julien ensure that « you do not get vertigo aboard an hot-air balloon ».

" No, you don't have dizziness in Hot-air Balloon "

Anybody up for the adventure ?


7:00 AM -  Balloon verification and boarding

The team is very focused and carries out the various preparations and verification of the equipment with your help.
The balloon finally begins to inflate and straighten peacefully.


Now boarding


7:30 AM -  The air bubble is inflated

You will now be able to step over the wicker nacelle and get aboard the hot-air balloon. Yours will be the yellow one.



The journey begins : we're flying


You have a surprising sensation of floating

7:45 AM : in a few seconds, the ground disappears and your air bubble rises in the sky


Here you are at high altitude
Julien, the driver, is now advise you to keep your eyes wide open so we don't miss anything of the show.

You are well accompanied.

7:50 AM : The driver and its experts team

Julien has been a professionnal pilot for more than 8 years.
Passionate, he has accumulated nearly 1,000 flying hours.
« I am a child of the Loire », as he says « I never get tired of flying over it ».
Make them speak, he and his partner on the ground
They will tell you a lot of stories about their previous flights

Carpe diem

8:00 AM - Rising sun, the Loire, castles…

The nacelle is very stable and you can start quietly to enjoy the beauty of landscapes.
« We play with the terrain » Julien comments, flying over the tops of the trees.
« In a balloon, the wind is driving. We know from where we leave, but we never know where we're going to », Julien says.

Depending on the wind, you will watch the village of Oudon and its medieval castle, the wild islands of the Loire valley.



Enjoy the lights on the Loire river

On the horizon, the sun plays with the clouds and makes you enjoy the incredible lights on the Loire river.
This is the time to immortalize this moment and to get a little selfie.

From Julien to Zahi, do you hear me ?

8:30 AM - The announcement of the landing

Bend your legs, the landing is announced.
« I will land in the field next to this wood » Julien indicates.
You do not have any idea of how much time you have spent in the air, it's like you have been plunged into a bubble out of time.


Prepare you to land

8:35 AM – Back to the ground


As gently as initialy, your air bubble delicately lands in a field and gradually deflates.

In the middle of a field

8:45 AM – We tidy up everything

In a few minutes, all the equipment is thoroughly folded, stowed and loaded onto the recovery car … for the next flight and the next lucky ones.

Back to reality

9:30 AM -  Well-deserved breakfast


For a smooth back to reality, the team offers you a friendly moment with a glass of wine of Malvoisie Coteaux d'Ancenis

It's also the opportunity to share your emotions and to return gently to the earth ! (by proudly displaying your certificate of ascension in an aerostatic machine :) ).

Extra bonus

The feeling of lightness and freedom that you feel will  not leave you of the day, I promise !

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