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Discover the Loire by bike with your family

Feel a touch of adventure with your family

Feel like riding on a bike with your family ?

This is possible in the Pays d’Ancenis ! The banks of Loire are flat and specially fitted for the bikes ! Follow us…

For today, plan a picnic, a blanket, a camera and good mood (some patches alos in case...) !

In the morning, departure from La Pierre Percée at La Chapelle Basse Mer (You can even rent your bike there !).

Get on your bicycles and give the first pedal blow...

On the way to adventure !


The Loire opens to you !

Follow the direction to Champtoceaux and do not forget to take a look at the other side of the bank ! The hills are magical... You can even see a cave of counterfeit coiners (from the Middle Ages !) as well the Folies Siffait (sweet madness of the banks of Loire ...).

 Take a picture at La Bridonnière Chapel !

The lunchtime

Shortly before Champtoceaux bridge, let your bikes against a tree and walk down to the Loire river. In the beautiful period, the water withdraws to give way to a pretty sandy beach, worthy of the small coves of the sea. This is a real holiday decor !

Pull out the blanket and the basket,

some Loire fishes rillettes...

And enjoy with your family !

A stick, a piece of floated wood and a few pebbles, and here you are real Robinsons looking for adventure ! The ideal opportunity to fall back into childhood for a few moment !

After a short improvised nap, back on the bike ! We continue this beautiful walk through Oudon (pass to say hello to the Guard at the foot of the Tower), then through Le Cellier...

On the way, beautiful encounters ...

A well-deserved return

Your mind crawling lots of pictures, crazy laughter, kids dreams, extraordinary adverntures...


Looking at the children smiles with shining eyes and thinking ...


" When do we try again ? "

You will love, I promise !

  • Bike on the banks of Loire, it's easy
  • The breathtaking view on the wine hillsides  
  • The Loire beaches
  • The charm of the villages

Convinced ?

I'm going !

The Loire by bike on a map


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