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History of the castle

On May 22nd 1392, Alain de Malestroit, Lord of Oudon, obtained from Jean IV, Duke of Brittany, the authorization to rebuild this Castle. He built first the main tower, the “keep”, and then its fortifications.

This Castle constructed on a rock, surveys the traffic on the river and overlooks Anjou on the South bank. It stands sentry, like the neighbouring Castle of Ancenis, on the borders of Brittany, ready to defend Nantes the dukedom capital, from the greedy kingdoms of France and England.

Behind a defensive architecture the tower is also the main home of the Lord. Thus, it integrates ostentatious and residential functions. A large spiral staircase serves each level composed of a spacious common- room and an adjoining private room. These rooms are well lit with huge mullioned and transomed windows, and comfortably equipped with window seats (coussièges), fireplaces and toilets (latrines). Wardrobes, watchrooms and backstairs were fitted into the thickness of the wall.

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