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A residence tower at the Oudon castle

The tower, with its moat, bridge and wall, is a fortress on its own. But this defensive architecture is also the principal place of residence of the lord: it incorporates ostentatious and residential functions like the Vincennes dungeon built in 1361, and the Breton tower of Largoët en Elven erected by the older brother Jean de Malestroit around 1375.

Each level, served by a wide spiral staircase, has a large room that has the value of common space, and an adjoining room. In the thick walls are fitted wardrobes, hidden corridors, lookout rooms and a secondary spiral staircase for private distribution between floors.

Each room, comfortably equipped with a latrine and heated by a chimney, is largely enlightened by large mullioned and crossbars windows, decorated with benches.

The level by which one accesses could be destined to the service, like factkitchen, because the chimneys are very deep. While the quality of the implementation of the chimneys of the higher floors seems to prove the noble use. Those of the last floor, monumental and decorative, are suitable for ceremonial and reception purposes.

At the top, the defensive aspect reappears with walkway, battlements, merlons and crenellations. A high room probably existed between the two turrets of the stairs (possible chapel or guard room ?)

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