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The first Oudon Castle

Texts of the eleventh century quote the lords of Oudon and report the existence of a castle, installed on the banks of the Loire and the Hâvre, on the site of the current castle.

On the steps of Brittany, Oudon, like the castle of Ancenis, has been besieged several times particularly : in 1174 by Henry II Plantagenet who wanted to annex Brittany, in 1214 by Jean sans Terre, Richard the Lionheart's brother, in fight against Philip Augustus, and in 1230 when Peter Mauclerc, Duke of Brittany, tried to stand out from the King Louis IX's authority (St. Louis). The latter reacted with a military campaign in Brittany and seized the castle in 1230 and 1234. These numerous war events demonstrate the strategic importance of the castle at that time. From this first castle, there remains only part of the wall, included in the current western curtain.

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