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The modern times

A last campaign of works took place on the enclosure in the sixteenth century. It concerns the southwest tower and its connection with the oldest wall fortification. It is an artillery tower with several gunboats beating the ditch. Used for light armaments, they are very splayed outward with a tiny interior opening. The walls are thin, the gunboats arranged without strategic logic, which seems to demonstrate a hasty construction.

After a tumultuous inheritance, the constable Anne de Montmorency, governor of Nantes and lord of Châteaubriant, becomes owner of the castle of Oudon in 1560. He affixed his weapons, today almost erased, on the right of the south door (currently sealed off) of the fortification wall. At his invitation, King Charles IX came to dinner in the tower in 1565.

In the seventeenth century, after a betrayal, King Louis XIV confiscated the property of Henri de Montmorency. The castle of Oudon then returns to Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency, wife of Henry of Bourbon, prince of Condé. From this time, the castle is no longer inhabited and deteriorates. Decreed national property during the Revolution, it is divided into parcels bought by the local population. Thus, dismantled to recover its various materials, the steps of the stairs, the floors and the roof disappear, and the walls of the dungeon just remains to accommodate the birds.

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