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The Oudon castle reconstruction

On May 22, 1392, Alain de Malestroit, Lord of Oudon, obtains from John IV, Duke of Brittany, the authorization to rebuild his castle. He built the main tower, or dungeon, within a fortified ensemble.

The two towers that frame the main entrance door were intended to house the guard of the castle. They had an additional floor that was modified for the installation of battlements and merlons. The gunboat archers characteristic of the 1470s have a circular orifice surmounted by a slit of sight.

The entrance portal, semicircular, was modified in the sixteenth century. This transformation probably concerns only a recovery of the arches and pyres because the interior aspect is well characteristic of the middle of XVe :

  • a vaulted corridor following the carriage door,
  • an iron harrow,
  • a second door.

A system of two drawbridges with arrows for carriage and pedestrian doors partly ensured defense and access to the castle.

To get to the dungeon, it was still necessary to cross a gate tower, which is recognized in the courtyard, a section of the porch. Finally, a retractable footbridge allowed to span the ditch and the wall.
The shirt is the transposition in masonry of the wooden palisades defending the mottes. It must hold the assailant away from the base of the dungeon for some time and prevent attempts to undermine it.

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