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Meet our whole team

Without forgetting the seasonal workers and trainees joining the team for the summer or during the winter.


Adeline Poupard dislikes :
Wait until the toast jumps when she has forgotten to push on the button,
When the copier is wily,
When her house looks like a bazaar.

Adeline Poupard likes :
Contemplate nature awakening for anti-cockroach morning,
Strolling tirelessly on atypical banks of the Loire,
Dealing with people from nowhere and listen to their stories.

And many more !

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Sophie Moreau dislikes :
Reading instruction manuals of kitchen machines,
When there is no more chocolate in her closets, not even a piece,
Doing the major housecleaning !

Sophie Moreau likes :
Being nestled in her bed on rainy days and listen to the sound of water spots,
Fragrances of recently cut grass indicating a renewal,
Consider the time being as a gift.

And many more !

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Céline Grasset dislikes :
Walking with sandals on the dry sand,
Recover the teabag label at the bottom of her mug when water is already poured,
Drinking wine in a cheap plastic cup.

Céline Grasset likes :
The smell of rain after a hot sunny day,
Eat and drink in the shade of ash trees at Mouchet Island,
The misty cotton snake looming in the Loire summer mornings.

And many more !

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Ludivine Mabit dislikes :
Taking off the labels of glass jars,
Flour on the bread which dirty clothes,
Tomato ! Wether cherry or cluster, it makes no difference about this fruit !

Ludivine Mabit likes :
Cutting off from the world because of a book delighting her,
The festive atmosphere of open-air restaurant and their light garlands and lampions with cheerful colors,
Simple life !

And many more !

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Marie-Laure Boitière dislikes :
Turning into a mop when it's too hot,
No more coffee in the coffee machine in the morning,
Tasting a dish with an inappropriate wine.

Marie-Laure Boitière likes :
La Cerise sur le Gâteau's pies, reminding those of her grandmother,
The fish cooked with a butter sauce, particularly the one of our rivers,
The small haze ont the purple wineyards in winter mornings.

And many more !

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Patricia Coeffard n’aime pas :
Reptiles and anything that may look like a lizard
The oversized sewage outlets on sidewalks
Vipers : her worst nightmare !

Patricia Coeffard aime :
Going to market to buy local products,
Boat rides on the Loire,
The silence when she listen to a broadcast, too rare.

And many more !

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